Welcome  to a newly redesigned version of my site, where it is my hope that you will find some useful resources as you explore your interest in the spiritual knowledge base of India. If you are new to the subjects of Ayurveda, Tantra, Jyotisha etc. a good place to start might be this page of articles I’ve written on these subjects for various publications, or my multimedia page, where you can see video clips of talks I’ve given or discover some of the courses I’ve put together to aid you in your studies.

By popular request the new site contains more details on where and when I will be teaching in upcoming months. You can read more about my schedule here. One notable upcoming event this year includes a week-long Ayurveda Conference where I will be teaching on the impact the planets have on our mental and physical health, and how we can work with them to improve our well-being. The conference takes place from December 11 – 18th in Coimbatore, India and will feature Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Claudia Welch and many other great teachers talking about Jyotisha and other allied sciences to Ayurveda. You can read more about the conference here and at the conference website.

Advanced Introduction to Beginning Ayurveda, a course I taught with Dr. Claudia Welch, is currently available for students to download here. This course covers the salient points of the philosophies that pervade Ayurveda, including the Four Aims and Stages of life and Sankhya philosophy, as well as looking in more detail at the Five Elements, the Three Gunas, the Twenty Qualities, the Three Dosas, the Fifteen Subdoshas, Agni, Ama, and more. You can read a full description of the course on Dr. Welch’s website. In addition, a second installment of the course, Advanced Introduction to Intermediate Ayurveda, will take place live in the Spring, and will also later be available as an online course. If you happen to have a couple of weeks free next May come on up to Vermont; we had a great time this year, and anticipate doing the same next.

My blog will offer periodic updates, including material from my lectures and travels, as well of lists of things from around the web (related and unrelated to my work) that I’ve recently found interesting. You can also sign up to receive my monthly newsletter, which will include info about my upcoming talks and other news in addition to a recent story from the blog. In addition you can also stay in touch by following my page on Facebook, where news and content from my writing is shared regularly. You can learn more about my books, see a list of books written by others that I recommend, learn more about me and my work and discover the work of others on this resource page.

I hope that whatever you find on this site can be of use to you as you further your studies of the various Indian vidyas. Though because of time constraints I’m able to respond to very few of the emails and letters I receive, I do appreciate hearing from you.

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu!
Dr. Robert Svoboda