April 2011

Before commencing with April, one further experience from March: the opening of a show at Gallery BMB, located conveniently just a few minutes walk from where I lay my head in Bombay. Impresario: Navneet Raman, of Kriti Gallery, Varanasi [www.kritigallery.com]. Artist: Tatiana Musi, of Mexico, in India to paint scenes from nature:


Among the last things I did before departing from India this trip were a visit to the multiplex to view The King’s Speech, and a superb dinner at the Thai Pavilion in the Taj President Hotel, possibly the best Thai food I’ve ever had outside of Thailand.

From India to Melbourne, and another enjoyable week as a guest of Louise & Joshua of Yoga Moves [ www.yogamoves.org], to catch the tail end of a yoga course taught by Zhander Remete and Emma Balnaves [www.shadowyoga.com]; make yet another trip to the local Botanical Garden (an assemblage of flora that I never tire of); smack my lips over yet another delicious Sabbath dinner; and watch movies (Tell No One, The Fighter, True Grit). Though I did not make it to Sydney, I did receive from Sydney-based Big Shakti the happy announcement of the revampment of its website, on which I appear:

From Melbourne north to Rose’s place, for a relaxing month of writing and reading, meditating, and more movies, includingRango, The Adjustment Bureau, Never Let Me Go, and The Eagle Hunter’s Son. Yet another movie from Mongolia, made in the spirit of The Story of the Weeping Camel and The Cave of the Yellow Dog, The Eagle Hunter’s Son explores how tradition intersects with modernization in the lives of families who raise eagles to hunt for them. Noteworthy among the books: Chronicles of Tao, andThe Graveyard Book, a Neil Gaiman novel which follows the life of a baby raised in a cemetery, by ghosts. Only two leeches bit me during this visit, and though no pythons came into view I did see a death adder – a snake whose looks well fit his name.

Hopping the pond to San Francisco, I watched The Fog of Warand the new Jane Eyre; cheered Miss Tara Blossom (just turned 11) from the bleachers of her softball game; and devoured the dystopian trilogy that Tara lent me. Ostensibly for younger readers, the books fascinated me as well: Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay, the first of which will soon appear in cinematic incarnation.

For lighter fare Tara suggested the music of Janelle Monae, and these two youtube videos:
Rant on Asian Dramas and Daily Life of Rustin Hieber
(disclaimer: Miss B is an avid fan of Justin Bieber)..

Last and by no means least, I enjoyed valuable moments discussing Jyotisha with Bette Timm, who introduced me to this handy site:


Then came May.