August 2009

A wrong turn while driving in California from Sonoma to Sebastopol took me past the beautiful grounds of the Sonoma Developmental Center, which took on a decidedly darker shade when an internet search exhumed its history:

LA Times
CBS News

Once on the onramp to the information highway I drove to: and You Tube Link

before I turned to music from Lambert, Hendricks and Ross:

You Tube Link 1

You Tube Link 2

and continued past “English words whose only vowel is w” (those being cwm and crwth) when I ran across an excellent quote by Frank Buckles, who is at age 108 the last known US veteran of World War One. His secret of longevity (in his words): “When you start to die, don’t.” When asked how he had lived so long, he replied: “I never got in a hurry.” []

From the internet I graduated to the silver screen (via DVD), with Vicki Christina Barcelona, Persepolis, Milk, Man on Wire,The Soloist, and Impromptu, and (in the cinema) the prawns of District 9, and the marine surprises of Ponyo, Hayao Miyazaki’s latest (don’t miss it!).

Deciding finally to exit back into the exterior world, I drove west to take a treatment from Master Zhou Ting-jue of the China – U.S. Wu-Dang Qi-Gong Association (2001 S. Barrington Ave., Suite 309, West LosAngeles, CA 90025; phone 310-478-1798), before heaping my plate at Mrs. Winston’s salad bar (, and then a (non-chicken) snack at Cha Cha Chicken (

And then I flew to TX, and then to NY. I drove up to Highland (on the Hudson), where innkeepers Jane & Neil Thomas hosted me at Stonegate (Stonegate Bed and Breakfast Highland, New York), and the friendly family who own Pure City in Pine Bush NY served me a purely vegetarian lunch (

And then it was September.

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