Faith and Healing

The challenges of living in the modern world are many, but in particular it has become harder than ever to have faith in anything at all. Bereft of faith we are less healthy, less stable, less resilient as the complexity around us divides our attention and distracts our focus. When unfocused, prāna, our life force, […]

Singing is Free!

Not long after I arrived here in Banaras I stopped in at Indica Books and my eye was immediately drawn to copies of the new printing of Transcendent Journey, the autobiography of Swami Jnanananda Giri, a narrative that well deserves to be read. Unfortunately it is currently only available in India; copies can be ordered from Indica […]

Ganesh Festival Begins

Back in Mumbai after a quick trip to Pune and before that, nearly a week in Gujarat, the highlight of which journey being our encounter, about 9:00 pm as we headed through a corner of the Gir Forest National Park on the way to our lodgings for the night, two young, virile-looking male lions occupying the road […]

Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom

Into the endless stream of reports of technological advances promising that we are well on our way to unlocking the secrets of the universe sneak in, now and then, indications that in truth we know far less than we imagine. This week not one but two such dissenting views caught my eye. The first describes […]

Fasting is the Supreme Medicine

The lunar month of Shravana will extend this year from August 3 through September 1. For much of India the end of Shravana marks the beginning of the end of the rainy season, which for much of the country is the unhealthiest time of the year. Yes, winter in the north, and summer in south […]

Who, or What, is Running the Show?

All manner of amusing topics, including polyvagal theory and epigenetics, uprose during the recently-concluded FOUNDATIONS OF ĀYURVEDA PART II that Dr. Claudia Welch & I co-taught in Vermont. All were germane to our subject because Ayurveda concerns itself with everything involved with embodied life. Anything that can be said about embodied life will be couched […]

Greetings on Mahasivaratri!

From a young age my mentor Vimalananda was a fire-worshiper. While a sadhu he would sit at his dhuni all night long, but when I knew him he would commune with agni (fire) via the more structured ritual known as havana, or homa, words derived from the Sanskrit root hu, meaning to sacrifice, to offer […]

Communicating With Nature

Today I’m writing from Costa Rica, where I’m enjoying the jungle luxury of The Sanctuary at Two Rivers co-teaching a retreat with Kapilnath of the International Nath Order. A couple of weeks back I re-read one of my favorite books, Kinship With All Life by J. Allen Boone, who was working in the movie biz in Hollywood nearly a century […]