Travelogue April 2014

April’s big news was for me a trip to the United Kingdom, the second half of which was the more prosaic, it being a visit to London to lecture, first on Ayurveda to students of that discipline at the Middlesex University, then on Vastu, an event that appropriately transpired at Covent Garden’s bonny Swiss Church: […]

Mortality and Worthwhile Links: March 2014

This month made its major impression on me near its end, when in southern California on March 28 at 9:09 PDT an earthquake of magnitude 5.1 knocked over furniture, breaking plenty of glass and pottery but, happily, injuring no one. In the days that followed came more than 200 aftershocks, one of magnitude 4.1, dozens […]

February 2014

Internet content continues to multiply exponentially (or logarithmically; or perhaps rampantly, or wantonly). Looking for visual beauty? Something edible? Or what can happen when food is insufficient? Perhaps your interests run to the criminal: or to underlying childhood influences: Maybe you seek to avoid disease: Or to […]

January 2014

After making merry for a while on the Eve, I left the dance floor to the youngsters and permitted the old year to go out, and the new one to sneak in, as I peacefully snoozed in Big Sur, at Esalen, where (when awake) I was co-teaching a New Year’s retreat with Chandra Easton and […]

December 2013

We commence December with events from November, viz. a visit to picturesque Bibury, to reach which required a drive over the Swinford Toll Bridge (in both directions). Noteworthy site in Bibury: The picturesque Arlington Row cottages, built in 1380 as a monastic wool store and converted into a row of cottages for weavers in the […]

October and November 2013

Before we leave Russia, let us return to Baikal long enough to enjoy its ice drummers: (Preview) From Moscow I flew to Prague, where I admit to modest astonishment on finding there, in addition to the ubiquitous Starbucks (which is now all over India), multiple locations of an Indian coffee shop brand, viz. Café […]

September 2013

On arrival at Irkutsk airport at 5am on the morning of Sunday August 25 the guide we had hired was missing and refused to reply to phone or text, though she had the previous day confirmed that she would meet our plane. After a perplexing wait of an hour or so Anna, on whom Claudia, […]

July and August 2013

Near the end of July I attended a reunion of graduates of the Governor’s Program for Gifted Children [], the enrichment program that over four summers during the Sixties transformed my life. It was a pleasure to meet again with my fellow students from that era, as well as a few of the current crop […]

June 2013

Interesting facts gleaned while in Rome: 1)The Colisseum (proper name: The Flavian Ampitheater) was financed by booty from the destroyed Jewish Temple in Jerusalem: 2)The word “rostrum” (plural “rostra”) comes from the “rostra” (literally, “snouts”) displayed of old in the Foro Romano, those “rostra” being the “snouts”(battering rams) of ships, rams collected after the […]

May 2013

Rendezvous in Istanbul: I came from Qatar, Miss Roshni Panday from Bombay, my sister from Houston & our friends Molly & Bob from Durango. We stayed just two blocks from the main attractions, which we all took in, including of course the Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophyia, with its splendid dome dating back to the […]