Re-Possessing Yourself

My mentor Vimalananda taught that very few even among the spiritually advanced become wholly free of possession by something other than the Absolute, and that everyone else is daily being overtaken by ideas, isms, emotions, ancestors, planetary influences, diseases, poisons, and other varieties of possessing things which express themselves through us, frequently while we believe […]

Visualizing the Words of Vimalananda

Living with Reality: Wisdom from the Aghori Vimalananda, a book featuring illustrations by Satya Moses that visually interpret 28 quotes from the beloved Aghora books by Dr. Robert Svoboda, is out now from Namarupa in the U.S. Featuring a foreword by Dr. Svoboda, with quotes covering subjects like love, faith and how to work with our minds, this […]

Out Now: Dr. Svoboda Tells The Ramayana

In this online course, Dr. Svoboda tells the Indian epic, The Ramayana, with commentary and insight into the esoteric meaning of the story. Consisting of four videos and over six hours of content, the course includes many colorful stories of the gods and goddesses, chanting and other fun digressions.   AND If you purchase this course before the […]

Out Now: Incinerating Your Limitations

This year is the 30-year anniversary of Dr. Svoboda’s book, Aghora: At the Left Hand of God, which discusses lessons on Tantra and other spiritual subjects as taught to him by his mentor, the Aghori Vimalananda. In honor of that anniversary, Dr. Svoboda taught this new course with Scott Blossom entitled Incinerating Your Limitations. This course consists […]

New Audio: Dr. Svoboda on Niyama

Last weekend Dr. Svoboda gave a talk in Kuala Lumpur on niyama (the contracts we make with ourselves) and creating good patterns in our lives. Some of the key take home messages included: 1. Make a commitment to your health. 2. Add and subtract new habits slowly, one at a time. 3. Only once you […]