Re-Possessing Yourself

My mentor Vimalananda taught that very few even among the spiritually advanced become wholly free of possession by something other than the Absolute, and that everyone else is daily being overtaken by ideas, isms, emotions, ancestors, planetary influences, diseases, poisons, and other varieties of possessing things which express themselves through us, frequently while we believe

Emotion and Transformation

Today we salute a Supermoon, this one in the nakshatra Ardra. Ardra has a reputation as being a difficult (sharp, hard, harsh) asterism, one that often dredges up sludge from our depths and demands that we deal with it, not try to negotiate around it. Ardra is ruled by the Vedic deity Rudra who, metamorphosed

How We Change

Recently while a friend and I were listening to Liszt’s Liebestraum she commented (rather pungently) on the general inability of piano students today (at age 79 she still teaches the odd learner) to be willing to make slow, steady progress toward a goal. Sixty-five years ago her own teacher of that instrument, one Harry Littler, explained to

Forgiveness & Gratitude

Brute force has long been the preferred way for the brutes among us to express themselves, and the recent violence in Sutherland Springs is an example of just how brutal some so-called humans can be to others. But many of us are quietly, pitilessly brutal to ourselves, sometimes without even knowing it; and those senseless murders

Out Now: Dr. Svoboda Tells The Ramayana

In this online course, Dr. Svoboda tells the Indian epic, The Ramayana, with commentary and insight into the esoteric meaning of the story. Consisting of four videos and over six hours of content, the course includes many colorful stories of the gods and goddesses, chanting and other fun digressions.   AND If you purchase this course before the

Going on Yatra

The first half of October found me participating in the 2017 Namarupa Narmada Yatra. A yātrā (‘journey’, ‘procession’) is a pilgrimage, and pilgrims are (etymologically) those who come from “other lands”, not as migrants but as penitents searching for a more direct connection to the realm of the blessed. Pilgrimages are voyages to holy places, including

The Power of Placebos

One of the things that I have never understood, and may never understand, about modern medicine is its relentless refusal to accept and take advantage of the power of the placebo, a therapy prescribed for the psychological effect rather than the physiological effect that has been shown to work in randomized controlled trials (the supposed “gold

Truth & Community

Satsangati kim na karoti pumsAm was one of the first Sanskrit phrases taught at my Ayurveda college; it can be translated as, “What does satsanga not do for humans?” The word satsanga most commonly describes an event during which individuals come together to attempt to make closer contact with the true and the real, with that which is permanent amid

The Secret of Happiness: Good Flow

More and more people today spend their time as disconnected as possible from their bodies. Like Rahu (the shadow planet represented by a head without a body) they crave an ideal reality, one less confined by the messy demands of physical reality; and, like Rahu, their search for satisfaction by denying the body is but