June 2010

Thanks to Happy Cow (http://www.happycow.net/), it is now easier than ever before for a traveler to locate vegetarian restaurants. Among such establishments, some stand out from the pack. This month I was fortunate to dine in three of them: Lotus Pond Vegetarian Restaurant in Toronto = http://www.vegdining.com/GetRest.cfm?rk=CAN-ON-SCA-LOTUS Happy Family in Southern California = http://local.yahoo.com/info-20742923-happy-family-vegetarian-restaurant-rowland-heights The

May 2010

Yeti Restaurant (www.yetirestaurant.com) – tasty, wholesome Himalayan food provided by genial Nepalis in Glen Ellen, deep in the Sonoma wine country Jhanjay (http://jhanjay.com/) – Seattle boasts at least two vegetarian Thai restaurants, both on 45th Street, Jhanjay west of I-5 (Araya, east) Kindle Café (www.kindlecafe.com) – Vincent Peterson offers organic vegetarian/vegan catering & cooking classes,

April 2010

As March had substantially waned when Dr. Claudia Welch reached Byronshire, most of what she saw & did there happened during April, including the sight of two dozen dolphins frolicking off Cape Byron underneath a most spectacular (and spectacularly symmetrical) inbound thunderstorm, the vista of flocks of both black & white cockatoos, and kookaburras galore;

March 2010

Egad! Memorial Day is upon us, and I have again neglected the updating of my blog. I therefore return in time to northern New South Wales (Australia), where I spent the entirety of the month of March enjoying forest, beach, and wildlife (including a close and friendly encounter with a python on the verandah during

January and February 2010

My first act of the New Year (after ushering out the Old by saluting the midnight lunar eclipse that punctuated my arrival in India) was to accompany two of Mrs. Punshi’s nephews to Bombay’s electric crematorium at Chandanwadi to collect one-third of her immolated remains, which will accompany me to Benares for immersion in the

December 2009

At month’s commencement, a visit to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, for yet another trip into its spectacular Gem Vault, and to take in two special exhibitions: Fabergé, Imperial Jeweler to the Tsars, and Spirits and Headhunters: Vanishing World of the Amazon. Later, to the cinema, for Red Cliff, The Blind Side, and Avatar

November 2009

After spending early November in California I went north to Seattle, then south to New Mexico, where I dined more than once at the excellent Taaj Palace (http://taajpalacenm.com/). While there I finished reading Wolf Totem, a thinly-fictionalized, gripping account of the author’s experiences living with herders in Mongolia, just as the Communist Chinese were “taming”

October 2009

On my way to the Göteborg airport: the young taxi man, an immigrant into Sweden from Iraq, tells me: “You look like Mick Jagger.” (Curiously, and pleasingly, this misidentification of me with Mr. Rolling Stone has happened more than once). Going through security at the Göteborg airport: I am told to drop a drop of

September 2009

In Toronto, on the occasion of my first visit to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario, http://www.ago.net/), its façade now pleasingly embellished with wood and glass by Frank Gehry, I went directly down to the lower level to view its collection of intricate, sizable (some a meter long) model ships, a surprising number of which

August 2009

A wrong turn while driving in California from Sonoma to Sebastopol took me past the beautiful grounds of the Sonoma Developmental Center, which took on a decidedly darker shade when an internet search exhumed its history: LA Times CBS News Once on the onramp to the information highway I drove to: http://www.gapminder.org/ and You Tube