July 2009

During the majority of this month I was south of the border. In Costa Rica I made my first visit to John Pilskog & Sally Dolak in their adoptive country, and made the pilgrimage to Dos Rios, the property that Perrey Reeves and Jeff Gossett are developing into a yoga retreat center, where I found

June 2009

June may rarely be the ideal month to visit the desert, but it being the month that my sister & I & our friend Roshni all had free time available, off we went. The most peculiar sight we saw as we drove through Death Valley (temperature: 108F = 42C) was a coyote who trotted up

May 2009

May brought me once again to California, and brought the swine flu to yet greater international prominence. Reports reached me of the latest one-liner to make the rounds in Floresville, Texas: They said that we would have a black president when pigs fly, and now-swine flew! While in California I spent time working on my

April 2009

On this trip to Mullumbimby I received a present that must surely be unique to Australia: a pair of flip-flops with a bottle opener built into the sole, to ensure that when you settle down onto the beach you’ll be able to open all the stubbies that you packed on ice in your eskie. While

January, February, March 2009

2009 being already well begun, the events of its first three months must needs be condensed into one blog entry, the better to make way for April. Here goes: In Oxford, overnighting between North America and India with Robert and Gill, I discover Gill?s new video of the Dalai Lama: http://www.amazon.co.uk/His-Holiness-Dalai-Lama-Compassion In Bombay, one month

December 2008

December was the month I read Q & A, the novel by Indian diplomat Vikas Swarup (currently serving as India’s Deputy High Commissioner to the Republic of South Africa) which Danny Boyle transformed into the octa-Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire. After being involved in thoroughbred racing in Bombay for a decade, living in that Maximum City

November 2008

Among the multitude of blessings I gave thanks for during this month of giving thanks is the blessing of coconut water on demand. Fresh tender coconuts are often easy to come by in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Costa Rica, Brazil, and many other tropical countries, but only recently have they appeared, trimmed for quick opening,

October 2008

n California: from Sequoia National Park down to La Mirada, thence to Healdsburg, Berkeley, Sonoma; and then an eventful visit to Seattle, culminating at the opera house with a performance of Strauss’ Elektra. Thence to Shell Beach (near San Luis Obispo), for yoga practice with Zhander Remete & Emma Balnaves, and the Blossom-Easton syndicate, sponsored

August 2008

From the Wilson Country Memorial Library: the autobiography of William Wells Brown, born in 1814 into slavery in Kentucky, his father a relative of the man who owned him. Brown’s owner worked him at various jobs, even hiring him out to a slaver to deliver other slaves to New Orleans. After several tries Brown finally

July 2008

This month’s gold medal event was the Lake Charles, Louisiana reunion that marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of GPGC, the Governor’s Program for Gifted Children. This reunion, a follow-up and enhancement of the initial reunion held in 2005, was successful in most every respect (a short flagpole falling precipitously onto an unsuspecting head