April 2011

Before commencing with April, one further experience from March: the opening of a show at Gallery BMB, located conveniently just a few minutes walk from where I lay my head in Bombay. Impresario: Navneet Raman, of Kriti Gallery, Varanasi . Artist: Tatiana Musi, of Mexico, in India to paint scenes from nature: http://www.tatianamusi.com/index.php?/work/india-here-and-there/ Among the

March 2011

On the 27th of February at 5am I arrived at the Deer Park Institute ( http://deerpark.in ), readying myself for the final seminar I would deliver before my (self-imposed) sabbatical. The Deer Park Institute was originally the monastery of Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, a.k.a. Khyentse Norbu, who is best known for the films he has

February 2011

Much travel during this shortest of months, including my annual pilgrimage to Kashi. A Varanasi vignette: at Assi Ghat, a beggar-monkey couple. Quite inseparable, the two dine together, snooze together; in quiet moments the monkey picks lice out of its master’s (matted) hair. They’ve been together so long that each now resembles the other, which

January 2011

Before I begin with events in 2011, I need to mention two memorable locations from 2010: the lock on the Thames at Iffley (Oxford), and in Texas, Natural Bridge Caverns. The lock and its rollers, which offers boat persons a way to ascend or descend the river sedately, is a favorite of strollers (including me);

December 2010

December was the month during which I made it a point to watch the first half of the seventh and final Harry Potter movie, which I found much better than #6, and possibly (with the potential exception of #3) the best thus far. Things did not look good for our hero at the end of

November 2010

Cities visited: Amsterdam, Oxford, London, Haifa, Oxford, San Giovanni in Persiceto, and Dublin. On my return to the USA I washed away my jet lag at the Turkish & Russian Baths (http://www.russianturkishbaths.com/enter.html), and finally made it to the JP Morgan Library (http://www.themorgan.org/home.asp). After watching The Cats of Mirikitani, a documentary about a homeless painter scarred

October 2010

Cities visited: Amsterdam, Oxford, London, Haifa, Oxford, San Giovanni in Persiceto, and Dublin. Noteworthy sights (transitory): a swarm of ladybirds (North Americans call them ladybugs), of at least four different varieties, covering the façade of Oxford’s Iffley Church; and, later in the month, a flock of several hundred pelicans flying south for the winter, not

September 2010

A busy month for me, first in New Hampshire, lecturing & working on my Vastu book (which is soon to appear!), & swimming in Dublin Lake; then in New Jersey & New York State; and then in The City, where I participated in the first three days of the Shri Ganesha Festival at the Broome

August 2010

Amusing websites: http://www.good.is/ http://www.mentalfloss.com/ http://www.aldaily.com/ http://bigthink.com/ http://www.openculture.com/ http://www.ted.com/ Worthy exhibition: the paintings of Charles M. Russell (I saw it at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts). Russell, renowned for recording the Old West on canvas, also became a sincere friend to many of the Native Americans whose disappearing lifestyles he was documenting (http://www.cmrussell.org/). Restaurant to

July 2010

While in southern France in 1998 I was privileged to rejoice with my hosts when France, led by Zinedine Zidane, defeated Brazil in the World Cup final. Wherever I was in 2002, I watched Brazil defeat Germany in that year’s final, alternately cheering on Ronaldo and Oliver Kahn. While in Barcelona I sat amazed during