February 2012

The second month of the Year of Mayan Doom (for some) continued for me in North India, where events played themselves out more/less as expected, and where (in trains, planes and taxis) I continued to read. In December I had completed Men Against the Sea, the story of how, after being kicked off the Bounty the mutinous Fletcher Christian, Captain Bligh saved himself and eighteen of his men by traveling nearly 4000 miles in an open boat; in January, I was gifted a copy of Hemingway’s The Old Man & the Sea. This month the maritime pattern continued when I read Endurance, the gripping story of how Ernest Shackleton brought his men safely back from a seemingly hopeless Antarctic plight (though one must wonder whether Shackleton, with his insistence on attempting to cross Antarctica overland, had to some degree brought his predicament upon himself).

After completing in January Stieg Larsson’s Girl Trilogy, and falling like millions of others in love with the highly-functioning sociopath Lisbeth Salander, I proceeded on in February to The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova’s entertaining recasting of the Dracula legend. By month’s end I was ready to commence a witch-themed novel, albeit a comic one: I Shall Wear Midnight, the fourth installment of the irrepressible Sir Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series.

What a fortunate age we live in, when such good writing is so easily available! In this vein, if you like novels and have not yet read either A River Sutra (Gita Mehta) or A Winter’s Tale (Mark Helprin), now is the time to do so.

Movie I especially enjoyed seeing in Bombay this month: The Artist

Amazing optical effects of the month: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk

Muslim historical nugget of the month: http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?279545

The month’s best reworking of ancient imagery for the modern world: http://thefourglobaltruths.wordpress.com/

And, since I began the month at Vaidyagrama, how better to end this message than by putting in a plug for the Ayurvedic trainings that are conducted there?


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