January 2012

Early January again found me in India, confronting the usual challenges. One portion of the month I spent out in the forest near wild elephants, witnessing the ever-closer march of humanity clearing land and erecting structures. In this regard I must confess some sympathy for the she-elephant who was recently found to have actually consumed some of her two-legged enemies (perhaps in already deceased form):

And I watched with pleasure mingled with foreboding the spectacle of the pygmy elephants of Borneo and the man who has dedicated his life to serving them:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utJ8bTlITwY(this is part 1 of 5)

The challenge of GMO organisms, their momentum seemingly unstoppable, is particularly damaging to the marginal farmers of the world, who have been able to subsist solely by annually saving their seeds for replanting. Embodiment-of-greed Monsanto, veteran perpetrator of outrages in the USA, continues to expand its depredations on this side of the world. We can thank Al Jazeera for providing dedicated scientist Vandana Shiva a forum for her ongoing expose of the creeping nightmare being fed by this rogue corporation:


Al Jazeera is a product of Qatar, an Arab state which (I learned a few months back) is, like Morocco, pro-Sufi, and like Morocco actively explores ways to encourage resistance to the intolerant, fanatic attitudes promoted by the Wahhabi faction of Islam that has for decades held Saudi Arabia in its choking grip.

After all this it was heart-warming to watch “Arigato”, a video thank-you created by some of Japan’s tsunami victims, was a welcome reminded of what humans can accomplish when motivated by compassion instead of naked profit:


More good news comes from Vaidyagrama, which continues its own steady development and expands its training opportunities for those interested in Ayurveda:


Finally, a view from above – “from a distance” – may this offer us the perspective we need to rightly align ourselves with life on our beautiful planet!