July and August 2013

Near the end of July I attended a reunion of graduates of the Governor’s Program for Gifted Children [http://gpgc.org], the enrichment program that over four summers during the Sixties transformed my life. It was a pleasure to meet again with my fellow students from that era, as well as a few of the current crop of “Gifties”, and that pleasure was multiplied this time by the enjoyment of watching an extremely professionally produced performance of the musical “The Frogs” (a play written by Aristophanes that was converted into a musical by Stephen Sondheim that was adapted by Nathan Lane).

At the end of July Miss Roshni Panday, her two nephews Arish & Kurush and I traveled to Hawaii, where in early August in the town of Volcano Roshni fell and broke her hip. In her (and our) time of need the city of Hilo responded in true aloha spirit. Mahalo nui loa to the very helpful, friendly, patient staff, nurses and physicians at the Hilo Medical Center, where the fracture was repaired; to excellent orthopedic surgeon Dr. Raymond Imatani, who did the repair work; to the Hilo Bay Hostel, which housed Arish for two weeks (and me for several days) while he ably handled all that one must do when a loved one is in hospital; and to Hilo itself, for providing for all our needs (including a kava bar!) during our enforced stopover there.

On the “noteworthy” list (in no particular order):






COMPARE http://htwins.net/scale2/

WITH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fKBhvDjuy0

In Russia, in late August, I learned that the popular Christmas song “Do You Hear What I Hear” was actually written about the Cuban missile crisis:


Tune in next month for selected impressions of Moscow and St. Petersburg, and a report from Siberia’s amazing Lake Baikal.