May 2010

Yeti Restaurant ( – tasty, wholesome Himalayan food provided by genial Nepalis in Glen Ellen, deep in the Sonoma wine country

Jhanjay ( – Seattle boasts at least two vegetarian Thai restaurants, both on 45th Street, Jhanjay west of I-5 (Araya, east)

Kindle Café ( – Vincent Peterson offers organic vegetarian/vegan catering & cooking classes, and Friday night supper clubs, in the Lambertville, NJ region

The Secret in Their Eyes – secrets abound in this Argentine offering, winner of this year’s Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film

On YouTube: Tim Minchin (looking for bawdy? Try “Inflatable You”; for a more sensitive selection, “White Wine in the Sun”)

In the “Attempting to Understand Your Pre-Teen” Department, look up Brookers – “That Harry Potter Movie”

Most enjoyed performance of the month: a bhajan session led by Sukhawat Ali Khan:

Though Muslim, and an expert at qawwali, Khansaheb sings songs to Jesus, Krishna, and Shiva with equal enthusiasm. Allahu akbar!

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