May 2012

Shortly after my return to the US of A I embarked on a 10-day road trip with my sister & Miss Roshni Panday. We flew in and out of Las Vegas, but slept only one night in that town, spending the remainder of our time in southern Utah (save for the night of May 4 in Page, AZ, where we visited Antelope Canyon during the day, and where I saw The Avengers that evening at the Mesa Theater in the company of multiple dozens of local Navaho).

Our first stop (not counting a brief walk in the excellent Dixie National Forest) was at Zion National Park, a long-time favorite of mine. After dipping down to Antelope Canyon, we returned north to Bryce Canyon, the Grand Escalante, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches. All impressive, all differing substantially from one another despite their proximity. Of our many noteworthy moments surely the most noteworthy for me was the hour-long hike I took down into Bryce Canyon on the night after the biggest, brightest full moon of the past two decades. The moon still being nearly full, and still at its perigee (bringing it closest to the earth in its orbit), moonlight lit my path as I spiraled down out of the wind into greater darkness and more profound silence. That the formation at the end of this trail was named for Queen Victoria seemed somehow fitting, given that I had just the week before departed from an England about to celebrate the Jubilee of Victoria’s great-great granddaughter Queen Elizabeth II.

Another natural wonder caught up with me later in the month in California, where on May 20 I watched the annular solar eclipse via pinhole-projection on a western-facing deck in Berkeley (the eclipse being ~ 90% full there).

In this context, let us pause momentarily to consider the scale of our universe:

On a more human scale, the noteworthy meal of the month, in Sebastopol, CA, at Peter Lowell’s:<

And the noteworthy hotel that I neglected to mention in my April posting, the Hotel Picchio in Orvieto (more properly, Orvieto Scalo):

My webmaster, Mr. Kurush Dubash, suggests the following inspirational videos:

No Excuses =

Eric Thomas =

For a good example of the Law of Unintended Consequences, try parachuting cats into Borneo =

And, to end the month on a positive note, the newly retooled SAT website is now online:

May safe, authentic Ayurveda prevail!

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