Dr. Robert Svoboda

May 2009
May brought me once again to California, and brought the swine flu to yet greater international prominence. Reports reached me of the latest one-liner to make the rounds in Floresville, Texas: They said that we would have a black president when pigs fly, and now-swine flew!

While in California I spent time working on my Vastu book, gaining while doing so new appreciation for the importance of punctilious punctuation:


If the writing of this very Stuart Jeffries is your cup of tea, then take a gander at:


And if you have been converted to the joys of employing punctuation marks accurately, then don't fail to take a look at Eats, Shoots & Leaves:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eats,_Shoots_&_Leaves Over the Memorial Day Weekend I had the pleasant duty to appear on the same dais with Chandra Easton and Scott Blossom, at an event sponsored by San Francisco?s Yoga Tree that united yoga, lecture, and song into a great time that was had by all. After the final chords died away, a group of us drove south into The Mission to dine at Old Jerusalem, whose hummus had been suggested to me by Joshua Arzt of Yoga Moves in Melbourne (a true connoisseur of hummus he, both in its preparation and consumption. Joshua spoke truly; it was superb:


Before departing from California I enjoyed watching the excellent Toshiro Mifune portray a samurai sensei in The Sword of Doom, then nurtured my nostalgia by taking in a screening of the latest Star Trek movie, which I personally enjoyed thoroughly despite the exceptionally ridiculous sequence on the frozen planet. The original series often explored the past rather than the future (as when they found themselves on a planet in the Wild West, or Ancient Rome), and it seemed fitting that a prequel should provide us with the crew's pre-stories. Since I am not Spock Prime, I need not fear to seem (oddly) self-serving when I say to you all:

Live long and prosper!

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