November 2012

We (= Erick, Satya, Lee & I) spent the first week of November in Rio Branco, capital of Acre state, oasis of urbanity within the world’s mightiest forest:

Very near to Acre is Xapuri, home of Chico Mendes:

While in Rio Branco we spent a night out enjoying the samba party that on weekends stretches along both banks of the river:

and another night watched Skyfall, the new James Bond movie, on an IMAX screen at the mall – a bit surreal, given our Amazonian position.

Though the geoglyphs were a bit too far away for us to view:

the tomb of Mestre Irineu Serra, the founder of Santo Daime, is easily accessible by city bus.

Should you ever visit Rio Branco, be sure to say ‘hello’ to Roberto for us. You will not need his last name (which I do not know), because everyone in Rio Branco knows Roberto, government officials and drag queens alike. Roberto befriended us out in Yawanawa land, where he was in charge of feeding us, which he did with understated panache. He has his fingers in numerous pies (literally, being part owner of a Rio Branco restaurant), and made our sojourn there particularly rewarding. He is truly The Man in R.B.

Back in Sao Paulo we lunched splendidly at the world’s fourth-best restaurant:

and Satya & Lee introduced me to Dr. Horrible:

I also learned the word “tohubohu”:

For a musical taste of Brazil and its ‘floresta’ here is “Benke”, by Milton Nascimento:

From Brazil I proceeded to Uruguay; here is an extraordinary speech by the extraordinary man who is currently the president of Uruguay:

Warren Buffett chimed in similarly:

Finally for this month, kudos to Kurush Dubash, who was named L.A. Lakers Student of the month:

Kurush was honored on center court at half time during a Laker home game. Go Kurush!