Here you will find a selection of videos featuring Dr. Svoboda, including clips from public lectures, interviews and more. You can also find links to online courses and lectures available for downloading. This page will be regularly updated as more content becomes available.

Dr. Svoboda speaking in Toronto, Canada on May 30, 2016 at Ayurveda Rituals:

Dr. Svoboda speaking in Delhi in October 2015 on “Ayurveda: Ancient Medicine for Modern Problems”

Dr. Svoboda speaks about committing to our health by aligning ourselves with our world through niyama, dinacharya and following your particular dharma in this talk from October 2015 in Malaysia.

Part 1 [Download]

Part 2 [Download]

Dr. Svoboda speaks about mantra at 2nd International Ayurveda & Yoga Conference in Sydney 2009:

A preview and explanation of the December 2015 Ayurveda Conference:

Dr. Svoboda speaking at the 2nd International Ayurveda & Yoga Conference held in Sydney 2009 on the topic of Ojas and allurement, or Upadha in Sanskrit.

Interview for Buddha at the Gas Pump on Kundalini, his time spent with his mentor, the Aghori Vimalananda, and more:

Into the Center: a film by Satya Moses about a journey to the Amazon to visit the Yawanawa people, featuring Dr. Svoboda:

Other media

Dr. Svoboda teaches on the topic of Pratyahara: The Art of Seeing and Believing for the first Living Yoga Conference, which took place in May 2015. More info here.

ayur-jyot-sWorking with Jyotisha in Ayurveda is the topic of Dr. Svoboda’s talk for the Ayurveda Summit, which took place in July 2015. 

You can take Dr. Svoboda’s Ayurveda correspondence course, from The Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico.

Two courses are available via Big Shakti, on the topics of Jyotisha and Ayurveda.

Soundwalk Varanasi: Dr. Svoboda leads you on an epic boat ride on the Ganges in Benaras. Available to purchase from Namarupa.

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Photo: Dr. Svoboda with Krishna Das