RES teaching for schedule page

Dr. Svoboda will be teaching in the upcoming locations in person. We will be updating this page as new dates and information gets added, so check back soon.


Feb 9 – 11: Stockbridge, MA 

Dr. Svoboda and Dr. Claudia Welch will teach Ayurvedic Seasonal Routines at Kripalu Center. More info here.

Mar 24 – 25: Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Svoboda and Dr. Claudia Welch will teach on Dinacaryā & Rtucaryā, and having a healthy and purposeful progress through life. Caryā means to move, wander or roam about. When we adopt the ancient Ayurvedic practice and concept of dinacaryā we learn how to move through our days following a specific daily routine that can profoundly benefit our lives. Rtucaryā similarly allows us to tailor and adjust those daily routines as seasons change.  When we add knowledge of pañca, indriya, or the five senses, we can explore how smell, taste, vision, touch and sound can enhance, influence or infuse mental-emotional experience, as well as our routines. When we apply these age-old principles in our modern context, dinacaryā and ṛtucaryā can assist us to better navigate our karmas (actions), stages of life, and personal natures. Join Dr. Robert E. Svoboda and Dr. Claudia Welch this weekend as they explore the fundamentals of daily and seasonal routines and the wisdom that enlivens them. You can contact or see this website for more info.

Apr 13 – 15: Berkeley, CA

Dr. Svoboda will teach a workshop on “Shiva & Shakti: The Power of Transformation” with Scott Blossom. More info here.

Apr 20 – 22: Plano, TX

Dr. Svoboda will speak at the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) conference entitled “Ayurveda for a Healthy World”. More info here.

July 27-29: Pagosa Springs, CO

Dr. Svoboda will teach with Scott Blossom and Chandra Easton on Embodied Awakening: Cultivating Prana in Spiritual practice. More info here.

Sept 1: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dr. Svoboda will give a keynote at the Cansurvive Conference at Brickfields Asia College, Petaling Jaya.

Oct 5-7: Haridwar, India

The Yoga of Synthesis Retreat (Oct 2 – 10): Dr. Svoboda will teach with Robert Moses and Swami Govindananda, with kirtan led by Radhakunda das, with homa by Swami Nivadananda. This retreat provides an opportunity to experience a Yoga of Synthesis, combining meditation, kirtan, asana, pranayama, and homa, and the science behind these disciplines. More info and registration here.

PAST: 2017

Jan 1 – 7: Cabuya, Costa Rica

Dr. Svoboda, Scott Blossom and Chandra Easton will teach an advanced retreat on Tantra focused on the Five Elements and Prana alignment at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Costa Rica. This course is full. More info here.

May 5 – 7: Berkeley, California

A participatory practice through storytelling, featuring Dr. Robert Svoboda telling the Indian epic, The Ramayana, with commentary and insight into the esoteric meaning of the story over the course of the weekend featuring group chanting and musical interludes. There will also be a lecture on the importance of myths and stories in spiritual life. Scott Blossom will teach yoga in the Shadow style on Saturday & Sunday. This course will sell out; you can register now here.

May 19 – 21: London, United Kingdom

Communication began shortly after the dawn of life, and has characterized all forms of existence ever since. All living beings communicate, and though we of today may pride ourselves on our admittedly impressive technological advancement in the speedy transmission and reception of voice, text and images, there is far more to the exchange of information than can be encapsulated in legible words and intelligible sounds. This weekend will explore in theory and in practice how prana expresses itself as sound and speech – nada, shabda, sphota – on multiple levels – vaikhari, madhyama, pashyanti, para – and how we can enliven these within us as manifestations of Vāc, the Goddess of Language. You can sign up here.

June 2-4: Cadiz, Spain

Retreat at Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Regla, just moments from the beach at Costa de La Luz. This workshop will feature Dr. Svoboda lecturing on Prana and Pratyahara and feature Anusara yoga taught by Pilar Valencia.  More info and registration here.

June 9 – 11: Poitiers, France

Dr Svoboda will give talks on “Happiness and the Spiritual Path” at La Ferme de Jutreau, with a simultaneous translation into French. The cost is 200€ including meals and transportation to nearby TGV train stations (Châtellerault, 30 minutes, Poitiers 45 min.) You will have to arrange your stay locally but help can be provided. Information is possible by phone : +33 (0)5 49 84 57 28, please ask for Claire, Thierry or Thomas. Registrations are possible: by post : Ramji, La Ferme de Jutreau, 86260 Saint-Pierre-Maillé, and by phone : +33 (0)5 49 84 57 28, please ask for Claire, Thierry or Thomas.

June 16-17: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dr. Svoboda will speak at YogaFest Amsterdam. He will also teach a one-day course on Ayurvedic Psychology. More info here.

July 5 – 8: Tallinn, Estonia

Ayurveda, Jyotisha, Tantra and other classical Indian vidyas describe our world and ourselves in terms of the Pancha Maha Bhutas, or Five Great Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Those elements are universal tools of the Nature and essence of every human being. How they work in practical modern world will be discussed in open lecture in Tallinn. A special 3-day tantric retreat in countryside will focus on performing internal bhuta shuddhi, the “purification of the Five Elements”, culminating in a fire ceremony (homa) on the morning of July 8, which in 2017 is Guru Purnima, the full moon day on which all gurus and teachers are revered and celebrated. For bookings and queries please contact

July 10: Copenhagen

More info here and here.

Aug 16: Carrboro, NC

Dr. Svoboda will speak on Ayurveda in the Modern World from 6:30 – 8pm at Heart of Yoga School 209 Lloyd St, Set 210 in Carrboro, North Carolina. More info.

Oct 2 – 16: Narmada River Yatra

The Narmada is worshipped as a goddess and the tradition of Her circumambulation is called Narmada Parikrama. The parikrama is an adventurous spiritual journey around the sacred river through hills, temples, dense forests, gorges, ravines, rocky patches, caves, plateaus and plains. Narm-da means one who provides happiness and joy. It takes pilgrims three years to walk the route but we will fly, bus and boat it in 14 days! This retreat is being put on by Namarupa Magazine. This pilgrimage is currently FULL; here is the registration form to be added to the waiting list.

Dec 1 – 3: Scott’s Valley, California

Dr. Svoboda and Dr. Claudia Welch will teach at 1440 Multiversity on the topic of Refining the Senses: The Transformational Potential of the Indriyas. This course will explore how our senses, known in Sanskrit as indriyas, relate in Ayurveda to the five mahabhutas (elements), the seasons, and dinacharya (our daily routines), and how to use the natural qualities of the winter season to refine the indriyas so that they can work for us to enhance both our health and the positive effects we may have on others and our surroundings. More information here.