September 2011

Unusual Toronto sighting: a baby mink rushing along the beach into Lake Ontario, late morning.
Heard in Toronto: “true that” (a modernization of the more conventional, “That’s true.”)

Heard in New Hampshire, the use of “daft” to mean “impressive” (e.g. “that was a daft 360”)

Seen in NH, these websites: and

BTW – Joey L is 22 years old.

Watched in NH: videos of Maroon 5 (“Moves Like Jagger”), Adele (“Rolling in the Deep”), Mr Hudson (“Young Forever,” with Jay-Z)

Note that “Rolling in the Deep” has already collected more than 169 million views on YouTube.

Introduced to in NH: finger boarding (e.g.

Noted article:

Noteworthy movie: Moneyball

Planet of the month: Saturn –

For paradox, Indian style, compare:


While in NYC I met with Frankie Mataska, producer of the recently-released Vegucated:

Five more sites of topical interest:

And, in the spirit of the last of those, let us all now meow!

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