September 2012

Amazonia diverted me from keeping to my blog schedule; now back in online world, I can report that during September I enjoyed:

Sacre Bleu – book by Christopher Moore (the color blue incarnates as a woman to inspire the Impressionists)

The Changeover – book by Margaret Mahy (a girl fights an ancient fiend to rescue her brother)

Inventory of the Invisible:

Popular hit:

Four-year old Pianist:

(And, for that matter, others also from the long list of amazing under-five-year-old performers that appear in the margin to the right of this video.)

The Thai Siam Restaurant in Seattle ( – their food is delicious, and they regularly feed the sick and indigent

Seattle’s Carkeek Park:

Vancouver’s VanDusen Botanical Garden:

Good bon mot heard in that garden: “Proceed as you wish to continue.”

Curious coincidence?

Useful article on the recurring stupidity of the super-rich:

And finally, my curious find of the month: that from 1884 until 1955 Bombay enjoyed its own time zone:

What a glorious luxury, to enjoy a time zone of one’s own!